Tuesday , October 17 2017

Plugin to Add Login/Logout Option in Main Navigation Menu

How To Add Login Feature in Your WordPress Blog

Most of the premium themes nowadays provide a Login/Logout option but if you happen to be using a free theme or your premium theme do not provide Login/Logout functionality in the header of your theme, then there is a plugin you can use in order to get those features. The plugin is called “Login Logout Menu“. This theme is great for those whose don’t want to get their hand dirty with HTML and CSS and want an easy way out.

How to Use Login Logout Menu

Step 1:

Go to add new plugin page and search for “BAW Login/Logout Menu”.

Step 2:
Install and Activate the plugin.

Plugins ‹ Demo — WordPress

Step 3:

Go to your Menu setting and there you will find a new Login/Logout menu item at the left side. Click on it and select Login|Logout option,  add it to your Primary Menu.

Menus ‹ Demo — WordPress

After the link has been added it will look something like this.

Menus ‹ Demo — WordPress

Step 4:

Save the settings by clicking on “Save Menu”

Menus ‹ Demo — WordPress

Step 5:

Now go back to your blog and Hurrah! There you have successfully added a Login/Logout link in your header. Good work.

Demo WordPress Video Tutorials

If you have any problem with this plugin drop your comment below and let us know. We are always happy to help you.

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  1. I tried adding a lot of code but it didn’t worked. used this plugin and it worked.

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