Thursday , November 23 2017

20 Domain Name Suggestion Tools to Register a Domain of Your Choice


Finding an available domain name for your blog can be a long frustrating process that makes you want to tear your hair out, so we are going to list some domain name suggestion tools that will save your time.

Here’s the list of the domain name suggestion tools:

1. Domainsbot :


One of the best tool that we will personally recommend to try at least once before registering your domain name. The best part about domainsbot is that apart from showing available names, it directly fetches sedo domain names that are available for purchase and when you click on “Buy” it will give you a list of various domain registrars with best offers. If you would be lucky you might get the name for just 0.99$.

2. Lean Domain Search


It is a very helpful tool for those who want different variant of the name they are searching, it provide various features and can be very helpful to find domain name.

3. NameBoy

Cool Domain Name Generator Domain Search Comapany Name Generator

They prefer themselves calling “The Original Cool Domain Name Generator”, you can search for the domain you want and can also have an appraisal of your domain name.

4. NameTumbler

Name Tumbler

One of the oldest and reliable domain name suggestion tools, NameTumblr has got everything that you would want, you can add as many as domain names at a time, find the available domain names with the similar name.

5. BustAName



The best thing that we like about BustAName is that it’s a complete package for a domain name suggestion tools website, it’s also one of out favorite and we would definitely recommend you to use it.

6. Name Mesh


Name Mesh is yet another great tool in the list, the thing that makes it unique is its huge database of words which provide a lot of suggestion for a particular keyword, use it if you can’t find appropriate suggetion at other sites.

7. Panabee


With its great user interface panabee has it’s own unique way of suggesting domain, it automatically adds best prefix and suffix to the keyword you provide making it look professional. If you are searching a name for your business that panabee is what we recommend.

8. Domainr


Yet another great domain name suggestion tool, Domainr is known for its quick results, apart from that it suggests  a lot of names that are related to your keyword and might be helpful for you.

9. NameStall

Domain Name Generator Domain Name Ideas Domain Name Suggestions

Similar to BustAName, NameStall is a complete package. It has everything you need to search you domain name, it provides dictionary word domain search, domain name hack and brandable domains, we would definitely recommend to use at least once.

10. DomainTyper

Domain Name Search

DomainTyper claims to be the fastest domain suggestion tool, it offers to find domain names for new gTLD, apart from that it also lets you check the PageRank of a domain, you can also embed the tool to your own website if you like.

11. Impossibility

The Best Domain Name Generator Ever Impossibility

Impossibility is one the unique domain name suggestion tools, you can add adjectives, verbs, nouns to the beginning or end of you keyword, they use multiple servers in parallel so the search results are very fast in comparison to other domain name suggestion tools.

12. Wordoid

WORDOID Creative Name Generator Domain names company names product names

Wordroid can be very helpful for those who want a unique and short domain name, unlike other domain name suggestion tools it is known for suggesting short names, the best part is that you can search name for 5 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

13. Dot-o-mator

Dot o mator Domain Company Name Ideas Generator

Yet another great tool to find the domain of your choice, it is recommended for those who want to play with keywords by joining different sets of the word.



Domize is also a great domain name suggestion tool and is mainly used for finding premium domain names, it also provides an advanced option for its users who want some more variations for the keyword they are looking.

15. NameStation

Domain Name Generator. Business and Brand Name Ideas Naming Contests

NameStation is also a great domain name suggestion tool , it’s a simple domain name suggestion tool for those who simply wants some different variation of their keyword and don’t want to use any advanced tools.

16. DomainIt


DomainIt has various sorting features to find your desired domain name, its not just a domain suggestion tool, it is a domain name registrar and also provide web hosting.


Domainpuzzler Search domain name .com .net .org .nu .biz .eu etc

Domain Puzzler is our personally recommended tool, it provides both easy, advanced search and also has a magic and pagerank tool which is great if you want to see the pagerank of you domain.


Domain Suggestions Find Domain Names DomainTools

Another great name in the list Domain Tools is a pretty good domain name suggestion tool, however,  there are better tools mentioned above, so use it only if you are unsatisfied with the above tools.


Keywords Rich Domains Suggestions Tool

Apart from providing various helpful SEO tools SmallSEOTools also provides a keyword rich domain suggestion tool which is great for those who want a domain with ric keyword and best SEO results.

20. Easy Space


Last but not the least, EasySpace is a great tool especially for those leaving in the UK and want a .uk domain name, it’s huge database has various keywords that might be helpful for you.

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