Thursday , November 23 2017

How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your WordPress Blog

Imagine you came with a great idea to create a blog, everything is ready all plans set but at the very last moment, you registered a domain that you can’t even pronounce and is impossible to remember, that might be a huge setback for you and your plans to start blogging. Purchasing a right domain name that represents your brand is very important, a domain name that is meant for animals blog should not be used for a blog about music, not only it creates a confusion among the users but it also affects the SEO of your blog.


From past 5 years, I have bought and sold many domain names and the only thing the buyer see every time before purchasing a domain name is that how much meaning your domain has, you would have heard from many bloggers that your domain should be very short but the truth and probably you would also have witnessed that not many of the “short domains” are available nowadays, no matter how much you try, domains with two word combination are almost impossible to get most of them are registered and rest of them are premium that is worth thousands of dollar.

According to my opinion, it’s ok to have a 12-16 word domain as long it is meaningful and can be remembered easily by the users but if all you want is a short domain name then the best way is to use abbreviation, for example, if you have a blog about WordPress then you can abbreviate it into “wp” but keep in mind that the word you abbreviate should make some sense and can be easily understood.

Here are some tips you should consider before registering the domain name for your blog.

Choosing the right Domain Extension


First of all, make sure which type of domain extension you are going to use this is very important as the type of domain extension you choose will decide the authority your website will hold. Although .com is a widely used popular extension but there are hardly any good domains you will find available in .com extension so don’t get upset if you don’t find a domain of your choice available, there are many other popular domain extensions nowadays like .info or .net so try to choose from them instead of registering a .com domain with bad keyword.

Choosing the Right Keyword


This is perhaps the most important thing to do before registering the domain name and most of the Webmaster I have found keep on doing the same mistake over and over i.e choosing the domain the bad keyword for their website, registering a website is a one-time thing so why rush?.  Do a proper research for the keywords before registering a domain name, try to choose a domain name that resembles your site and will help you to create a brand name for your website. There are many tools that can help you to find a right keyword for your website.

Here’s a list of 5 tools that you can use to register a domain of your choice.

Do not choose hyphens or numbers.

A mistake that most of the webmasters make is to buy a domain with hyphens or numbers of course if your niche requires a use of number or hyphen than you can but for most try not to use it unless it is absolutely necessary to use it. Numbers or hyphens not only confuse your users but are also a hurdle in creating the brand image of your website.

Uniqueness is important


Try to be unique and do not use a misspelled name or a lookalike of an already popular site to generate more traffic this will confuse your users and might get you in a copyright infringement case.

These are the steps you should follow before registering any domain name. If you know any other step that might be of use please let us know in the comments below.

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